Bigotry Lexicon

Terms are alphabetized.

Alt-right: Neo-Nazi. Also known as “the euphemistic marketing term headline writers prefer over direct language, for some reason.”

Beta: Men in the neo-Nazi/alt-right movement are really, really obsessed with where other men fall in a hierarchy they created. So this term is used for men who they perceive to be non-alpha. This framework really applies to chimpanzees and gorillas, but hey.

Cuckservative: Conservatives who don’t suck up to neo-Nazis. Rooted in the word “cuckold,”or a fellow whose wife has cheated on him. Most of the people who use this word intending to insult haven’t gotten anywhere near a wife, so no matter how it’s applied, the irony is stone cold. It’s also used for a man who likes to watch a partner having sex with someone else. It’s possible that this scenario is more familiar to those who apply “cuck” as an epithet, as long as one understands “partner” to mean “unknown person in porn video.”

Globalist/Globalism: A good explanation is here. To quote from the New York Times: “Globalism is often used as a synonym for globalization, the system of global economic interconnection that has been critiqued for decades by liberal groups like labor unions, environmental organizations and opponents of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. But for the far right, the term encapsulates a conspiratorial worldview based on racism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism, according to Mark Pitcavage, a researcher at the Anti-Defamation League.” Used with effect against the gullible in ways like this.

Names of tech companies: These evidently are used in place of more common racist epithets, although that seems to leave the googling neo-Nazi in a bit of a bind.

Pepe: Co-opted work of a cartoonist that neo-Nazis seem to be drawn to, we think because of the snarky look on the frog’s face. Another case of wishful thinking. We also feel bad for Matt Furie, who created Pepe with zero intention of his creation’s becoming a Neo Nazi symbol.

Traditionalist Worker Party: Know their symbol.crd26dqcskbrhao6weimfd1ekozxjyohnqp8ciuk1cm-300x300 The Anti-Defamation League considers them a hate group.