UC Berkeley College Republicans are having a Milo event because he’s just so amusing

UC Berkeley is allowing a professional Breitbart bootlick to speak on campus next week. The campus College Republicans invited him because, of course, they’re totally pro-immigrant, pro-LGBTQ, etc.. According to this article, the people who organized this are looking forward to being amusingly provoked by this white nationalist sycophant, who is the embodiment of how some members of an outgroup will demean themselves and grovel without limit to gain acceptance by an ingroup that excludes them:
“‘While working as a journalist for Breitbart, Milo has earned a reputation for his vocal criticisms of feminism, Islam, political correctness, and social justice,’ organizers wrote. ‘To his supporters, he is a cultural whirlwind, to his critics, he is a bigoted rabble-rouser, but to everyone, he is nothing short of amusing and provocative.'”


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