U.S. citizen stopped in MD suburb, demanded to show ID for “walking while brown”

A US citizen was stopped in a Maryland suburb for the apparent crime of “walking while brown,” and police demanded that she show ID while questioning her legal status. Ominously, authorities also had this to say about the sequel to this situation:

Bel Air Police Department Chief Charles Moore, who’s led the agency since September 2015, said he’s not sure if his department has a policy specifically dealing with questioning a person’s immigration status, but added: “If there isn’t one, there will be.”

The stop was beyond insulting, with the 47-year-old woman beingĀ ask why she had no identification with her (how often do you go for your morning walk in a neighborhood where you live without your ID on you?). Here’s what a supervisor, who also was summoned to the scene, said:

“Why don’t you have ID?” she said the supervisor asked her. “Are you here illegally?”

The woman had actually attended high school in the neighborhood, as well.

via Bel Air Police detain woman walking, question her immigration status – The Aegis


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