Pennsylvania restaurant manager feels empowered by Trump to attack patron with racial slurs

The manager of a Pennsylvania restaurant evidently just couldn’t take it any more and felt compelled to attack a restaurant patron in the wee hours of the morning with some racial slurs. During the incident,┬áthe manager informed the patron that now that Trump is president, he, the manager, could say what he wanted. He seems nice.

Unfortunately, the cops have learned that they can’t press charges.

Dugan, who characterized the incident as “distasteful” and the restaurant owner’s actions as “totally inappropriate,”┬ásaid that his department’s investigation did not find evidence to support criminal charges.

The student who was attacked, Ricky Lee Bugg, Jr., attends Lebanon Valley College, which has seen its share of racially charged incidents since the election:

About a dozen signs were found taped to glass doors of non-residence buildings on campus Sunday that said “Are you sick of anti-white propaganda in college?” It referenced the web site “,” a white web site that said it explores extreme right- and left-wing dialogue.

via Restaurant owner ejects black customer: ‘Trump’s president now so I can say what I want. You n***ers need to get out’


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