HuffPo tracked Islamophobia in the US throughout 2016. Here’s what they learned

The Huffington Post established The Islamophobia Project in 2016 to track how this phenomenon manifests in the United States. From the information they gathered, they discerned six “rules” that guide adherents of Islamophobia.

First rule: Muslims are not American.

“Go back to your country,” a man screamed at worshipers leaving a Connecticut mosque. “C**t, you don’t belong in this country. Go back to your fucking country,” another man shouted at a Muslim woman and her family in Ohio.

Second rule: All Muslims are terrorists.

“You’re a terrorist,” a woman yelled at a Muslim woman inside a New Mexico grocery store.

“We don’t want n****rs and terrorists here. #Trump,” read a note taped to the door of a Muslim family’s home in Iowa.

Third rule: Pork is to Muslims as a crucifix or garlic is to vampires.

In Philadelphia, someone left a severed pig’s head outside a mosque. And outside a mosque in Lawton, Oklahoma, someone dumped a whole pig carcass.

And this recent incident in California, in which a vandal broke a bunch of windows on a mosque and wrapped bacon around the doorknobs because vampires Muslims.

Fourth rule: All brown people are potentially Muslim and therefore potentially terrorists.


Simran Jeet Singh was running in the New York City Marathon when he said someone called him a “dirty Muslim.” Harmann Singh said a man called him a “fucking Muslim” inside a Cambridge, Massachusetts, store. “You’re trying to blow up this country, I should (expletive) kill you right now, you know,” Balmeet Singh said a man told him outside a California burger restaurant.

Fifth rule: Islam is not a religion; it is a violent ideology


In Pennsylvania, a school board member said that Islam is “not a religion” and is “not only godless, but pagan.” In Virginia, a member of the Republican State Central Committee tweeted that Islam is a “death cult organized by Satan” and “is not a religion of peace but an ideolgy (sic).”

Sixth rule: There’s a secret Muslim plot to take over and/or destroy the United States and/or Western civilization from within.
[Trump’s nominee for Housing and Urban Development secretary] Ben Carson warned of a “civilizational jihad” against the U.S., wherein “jihadists” who “disguise themselves as moderate Muslims” would “infiltrate, multiply and take positions of power” in order to “replace our Judeo-Christian values with Islam.”

via 6 Rules Of Islamophobia In America | The Huffington Post

Image credit, Sand LePhon, via Wikimedia Commons; license is here

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