8 states now working on anti-transgender bathroom bills

In the ongoing effort to distract paranoid voters, legislators in eight states (Texas, Minnesota, Kentucky, Missouri, South Carolina, Virginia, Alabama, Washginton) are quite busy manufacturing fear over granting basic rights to humans. Naturally, Texas leads the charge:

The National Conference on State Legislators said on Thursday that legislation has been introduced recently in eight states, including Texas, to restrict the use of spaces such as bathrooms, changing facilities, shower rooms and locker rooms by requiring that they be used according to a person’s biological sex.

Biological sex is a fraught term that would be quite difficult for most people to prove without at least exposing their genitals to a total stranger, which is, one would presume, something most people would want to avoid doing, as it is illegal. It also might not be completely informative and seems like a lot to ask from someone who simply wants to operate a urinary or bowel system to eliminate waste.

Washington’s proposed legislation has what Newsweek describes as the “harshest” language:

Prefiled in early December, House Bill 1101 has some of the harshest language of any “bathroom bill.” It states that a person who is “preoperative, nonoperative, or otherwise has genitalia of a different gender from that which the facility is segregated” can, by law, be denied the use of a bathroom. The bill doesn’t say exactly how that would be determined.

It’s pretty clear that there’s only one way to determine that, and in irony that will no doubt escape those who write these bills in the name of “privacy,” that only way is to violate another human’s privacy.

via Texas Among States With Anti-Transgender ‘Bathroom Bills’ on the Horizon


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