Ghostbusters’ star Leslie Jones has words for Simon & Schuster’s plan to publish book by white nationalist trollboy

From the no-shitty-deed-goes-punished files, white nationalist trollbot Milo Yiannopoulos has a book contract with Simon & Schuster, straight on the heels of his having been Twitter-banned for attacks on Leslie Jones, among other things.

The publishing house had sought to take the no-road by tweeting a vapid, milquetoast statement worthy of the Great Appeaser himself. Jones didn’t quite take to it, noting via Twitter, where she is not banned, that the publisher’s high-falutin’ word screen for money-grubbing venality still doesn’t atone for the fact that they “still help them spread their hate to more people.” Milo does a pretty job on his own, but she has a point.

We anticipate the day Milo discovers that the white nationalists with whom he tries so hard to curry favor will throw him out like yesterday’s trash when they’re done with him because, really, darling … he’s gay and Greek and “matrilineally Jewish.” Bigotry Road is littered with people these groups hate by definition but tolerate briefly for their entertainment value. Seeking to ingratiate yourself with hate groups by saying things in public that even they find uncomfortable only works for so long.

Meanwhile, real writers everywhere continue to refuse to kiss the chains just for a publishing deal and remain better human beings than Milo.

via Leslie Jones Rips Simon & Schuster for Publishing Book by White Nationalist Troll Milo Yiannopoulos – NBC News


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