White supremacist flyers posted outside U of Chicago LGBTQ offices say “Hitler disapproves”

The party claiming responsibility continues to post hate shit on Twitter without repercussion, as of this writing. From NBC News:

A person or group called Atomwaffen Division took credit for the defacement on Twitter. On Wednesday, the Atomwaffen Division Twitter account was still active—with months of tweets featuring hate speech still up. One, from November 22, showed an image of a “disgusting f-g flag taken from Pulse being burned.” Another tweet from December 3 said “You better get ready for the race war” with an image of a bomb factory.

They also have tweeted a picture of three people with their faces hidden behind photoshopped masks, standing in front of a Hannukah display at a Bed, Bath, and Beyond giving the Heil, Hitler, with the claim that “we saw this at the mall so we had to take this picture after defacing and spitting all over this jewish shit.” Then they had to go home because they were about to miss curfew.

via Nazi Flyers Posted Outside LGBTQ Offices at U. of Chicago – NBC News

Image credit: NeoNazis on Twitter

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