Republicans are pretty sure they can make anti-LGBTQ discrimination A-OK

They’re feeling certain that they can pass a law that makes it OK to discriminate against LGBTQ folks because that’s what Jesus would do, we guess. And they’re feeling mighty confident that Circus Peanut in Chief will sign off on it.

Utah Republican Senator Mike Lee plans to spend his precious time as a legislator pushing through the First Amendment Defense Act, which is intended to protect only the right to discriminate against a very specific group of people, which is, as far as we can discern, not the intention of the First Amendment. According to The Independent, the effect of the law would be as follows:

In other words, discriminatory action could not be taken against people who discriminate against LGBT members. Discriminatory action includes denying someone tax exemptions, withholding grants or contracts or denying federal benefits.

via Republicans confident they will pass anti-LGBT bills after Donald Trump becomes president | The Independent


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