Maryland county sees outbreak of hate graffiti in schools

Montgomery County, Maryland, has seen at least eight instances of racist and other hate-related graffiti on school bathroom walls in the month since the general election, compared to six incidents in all of 2015. Among them was racist graffiti on a bathroom near where third-graders learn long division.

The most recent incident came Thursday afternoon at Woodlin Elementary School in Silver Spring, where the principal said in a letter that a “derogatory, racial statement” was found written on the wall in a bathroom near third-grade classrooms.

The surge isn’t confined to schools. According to the Washington Post:

The school vandalism is part of a broader increase in alleged hate crimes, which Montgomery police say have climbed nearly 23 percent across the community this year so far, compared with the same time frame last year.

via Surge of hate graffiti on bathroom walls, other areas, has Maryland county rattled – The Washington Post

Image via Wikimedia Commons

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