White nationalist posters appearing on college campuses across the nation but please, Nick Kristof, let’s handwring about ostracizing racists

Nick Kristof recently manifested further symptoms of breathing the rarefied and presumably thin air of the New York Times, writing an Op-Ed column straight out of the Dunning-Kruger playbook about the “echo chambers” of university campuses. Academics, you see, are not allowing kids these days to express their conservative views, and we really really need to not be unkind to people who voted for the Racist Circus Peanut in Chief because how can we be sure that they’re racist.

Also, Kristof apparently hasn’t set foot on very many college campuses these days and seems to assume that everyone who attends universities and teaches at them is white. He doesn’t appear to know that the reality is that these campuses are the last place most people of all ideologies will find views that aren’t consonant with their own and be required to engage with them. Universities and colleges are the last exit to this kind of engagement before students step through out of the doors and into the echo chambers of adulthood.


Here’s what is really happening on our campuses. We already wrote about the appearance at Purdue of posters produced by the white nationalist group, American Vanguard. In the interests of saving our valuable time, here’s what we said:

White nationalists have targeted the Purdue campus with suitably 1930s-throwback posters purporting to source to American Vanguard, a white nationalist group. We are sure that the fact that Purdue is in the home state of former Indiana governor and current VP-elect Mike Pence is just a coincidence.

Those posters have now appeared at the University of Maryland, College Park, Md., which has almost 30,000 undergraduates and a greater-than-typical representation of people of color. Students there woke up to find these posters glued to buildings on campus. Upated: The University newspaper has now covered this story, too.

Here are the posters:


But yeah, let’s keep handwringing about how our nation’s college and university campuses just aren’t safe enough for bigots.

Poster images via just a baby machine (@onlyalishak) | Twitter


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