Texas AG Greg Abbott will take your university’s money if it tries to protect its undocumented students

Want to gain some post-secondary education, learn some things, become prepared for gainful employment in the place where you grew up? Don’t come crying to Texas AG Greg Abbott because all he cares about is that your mama didn’t birth you here.

As punishment for the temerity of promising to educate their students and keep them safe, universities are now under state-sanctioned threat from him. Via Twitter, of course, the medium for all cowards to afraid to take questions from the people in real time in an open forum. You know, like in a press conference. The Texas Tribune reports:

Abbott made the threat on Twitter in response to news that students at Texas State University are petitioning administrators to make the campus a “sanctuary for undocumented students, workers, and community members.” Such concerns have spiked following the election of Trump, who has promised to deport millions of people in the country illegally.

“Texas will not tolerate sanctuary campuses or cities,” Abbott said. “I will cut funding for any state campus if it establishes sanctuary status.”

He seems nice.

via Abbott vows to cut funding for “sanctuary campus” schools | The Texas Tribune

Image via Wikimedia Commons

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