KKK, other racist groups deny that they’re white supremacists, confirm that they are

In the ongoing effort to soften the evil fabric of their nationalist whitewashing campaigns, the KKK and other avowedly white supremacist groups are desperately trying to distance themselves from the “white supremacist” label. Even as they are literally wearing the robes and hoods of the KKK, evidently, they insist that they aren’t white supremacists. Even though the organization that those robes represent specifically says in its “Kloran” (everything about the Klan has this kind of silly, childlike spelling to it, except that it’s, you know, evil and racist) that they’re gonna forever “be true in the faithful maintenance of White Supremacy.”

As Jay Reeves writing for AP notes, yes, those Capitals are Really Officially There. They mean it.

Abetted to some extent by the national press, some of these organizations at least think that they’re making inroads into softening their images. The goal, it seems, is to change the aesthetics to something sleek and fashionable, shop around images of silky-haired, clean cut terrier-faced neo-Nazis in seasonable wool and make everyone forget about the hate and murderous ideals the brains under that hair embrace.

We still see you, and we will still call you what you are: White Supremacists. Neo-Nazis. Hate groups.

via KKK, other racist groups disavow the white supremacist label

Image via Wikimedia Commons

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