New York Times starts a “This Week in Hate”column

We can tell you that they will have a difficult time choosing among the many options to feature on a weekly basis.

Currently they have two articles, one for the week of November 29 and one for the week of December 6. Bigotry Watch has curated most of these. They have taken place in different parts of the country, including New York, Maryland (two incidents), Connecticut, Nebraska, California, Georgia, Ohio, Colorado, and Washington state. Some … highlights (?) below:

A uniformed MTA worker wearing a hijab was called a “terrorist” by a man while riding the 7 train in Manhattan. The man followed her into Grand Central Terminal and pushed her to the ground; she was treated for leg injuries.

When an interracial couple returned to their rental property in Cincinnati after Thanksgiving weekend, they found it badly damaged and defaced with swastikas, a racial slur and the words “white power.”

via This Week in Hate – The New York Times

Image via Wikimedia Commons; license here

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