Richard Spencer says America belongs to white men, praises Trump as hero

An intrepid Texas A&M student attended this evening’s “talk” by neo-Nazi avatar Richard Spencer and posted a series of videos of the event on Twitter. Using the Twitter handly Mistlejoe, the poster managed to make it through all of Spencer’s comments without throwing up (at least, we think he did). According to Mistlejoe, a “large amount of people” present in the audience supported Spencer.

A sampling of Spencer’s shitdiamonds, per Mistlejoe’s videos, which he has tweeted that people have permission to use:

Spencer: “We are going to displace conservatives and the alt-right will be the new thing.”


Spencer: “We won … America at the end of the day belongs to white men.”

Spencer: Complains that whites have “no identity.”

Spencer also reportedly invited someone in the audience to fight with him.

US News ranks Texas A&M at 74 on its best colleges and national universities list.

via Mistlejoe on Twitter: “Richard Spencer praises Donald Trump as an alt-right hero”


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