General Flynn responds to Russia accusation with anti-Semitic tweet – US Elections – Jerusalem Post

Filed under “shocking not shocking,” Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, Trump’s pick for National Security Adviser, was busted in July 2016 being anti-Semitic on Twitter. According to the Jerusalem Post:

Flynn wrote that “the corrupt Democratic machine will do and say anything” to get Clinton elected. “This is a new low,” he said, retweeting a message that read: “Not anymore, Jews. Not anymore.”

Flynn has already gained notoriety for his anti-Muslim sentiments.

Flynn and his son Mike Jr are currently in hot water after showing their profound gullibility when it comes to fake news. Flynn the Elder tweeted a bullshit story about a “sex crimes with children” turning up in the Clinton emails, calling it a “must read.”  Meanwhile, Flynn the Younger has gone completely off the rails, tweeting egregious accusations related to “pizzagate,” the bizarre, twisted manufactured story of a Satanic pedophilic somethingsomething ring involving John Podesta and Hillary Clinton and an unassuming pizza restaurant.

That alone would be sufficient to disqualify either Flynn or his son from serving as dogcatcher at this point, but nope–Flynn is still Trump’s choice for National Security Adviser (because really, who wouldn’t want someone who can’t tell real intel from fake in that spot?) and Flynn’s son has a transition-team email address. Comforting.

Add to this that consequences have already arisen from the dissemination of this fake story in the form of a man with a gun showing up at the mom-and-pop pizza shop and firing off a few rounds. He has explicitly said that his motivation was these false stories making the rounds.

via General Flynn responds to Russia accusation with anti-Semitic tweet – US Elections – Jerusalem Post


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