To the relief of confused liberals everywhere, Glenn Beck sides with Breitbart, stars re-align

Glenn Beck finds drama in cereal advertising and sees Kellogg’s decision to no longer advertise on Breitbart as “divisive,” reports Mediaite:

Beck made it clear today that while he doesn’t agree with Breitbart on much, “For Kellogg’s to dismiss 45 million unique visitors in a month is a slam against all of us. All of a sudden 45 million people in a country of 330––that they’re unimportant? That they don’t have value?”

Beck misunderstands a few things here. First, 45 million unique visitors doesn’t translate into 45 million unique Breitbart supporters. Given the infamy that the site has gained in recent months, millions of those visitors could well be people who are simply curious to see the website that may have helped in large part to shred the fabric of this nation.

Second, if people are staking their choice of cereal brand on whether or not the brand advertises on Breitbart, we hope they realize that’s one flashing neon “bigotry” arrow pointing straight at them. Their language around Kellogg’s decision makes that arrow shine all the brighter.

Liberals had become confused about Beck when he freaked everyone out by saying that he supports Black Lives Matter (they do) and that Barack Obama had made him a better man. But the stars seem to be falling back into alignment, with what little comfort that offers.

via Glenn Beck Defends Breitbart, Says Kellogg’s Is ‘Dividing Our Country’ | Mediaite

Image via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 unported license. Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

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