Richard Spencer’s host at Texas A&M is the country’s “Strongest Skinhead” | The Texas Tribune

The fellow who’s responsible for inviting white nationalist demagogue wannabe Richard Spencer to Aggieland (a.k.a., Texas A&M University) has actually won an award, “Strongest Skinhead,” at a neo-Nazi festival (yes, we think that’s cognitively dissonant, too) in Georgia. Rejoicing in the Harry Potter-esque name Preston Wiginton, he’s reported to have tried repeatedly to stir up shit at his alma mater A&M, although largely without success. But Spencer might be his biggest shitscore to date, thanks in part to Trump-related empowerment, reports the Texas Tribune:

Usually, attendance is disappointing for a man who gets a much friendlier reception among skinheads in Russia.

But lately, following Donald Trump’s election, Wiginton has been energized. Next week, he is bringing to campus the white nationalist Richard Spencer, who recently generated viral attention and fear when his Nazi-like homages to the president-elect at a conference in Washington — “Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory!” — were caught on video.

This Russia thing gets weirded. The Strongest Skinhead of Hammerfest 2005, like the our Circus Peanut in Chief, really has a thing for Russia:

A year later, he dropped out and traveled to Russia. According to the SPLC, he moved into an apartment subleased from KKK leader David Duke and built relationships with Russian skinheads and right-wing leaders. While there, he gained international attention when he spoke at an anti-immigrant march in Moscow, waving a black cowboy hat to the crowd.

“I’m taking my hat off as a sign of respect for your strong identity in ethnicity, nation and race,” he said, according to an Associated Press article at the time. He later said “Glory to Russia,” while the crowd chanted “white power!” and raised their hands in Nazi-style salutes.

Magnanimously, he tries to intellectualize racism, seeing himself as an equal-opportunity eugenics type:

“As a nationalist, I would fight just as much for a unique tribe in the Indian Ocean to persevere who they are as I would my own,” he said.

We are pretty sure the the “unique tribe in the Indian Ocean,” were that a real thing, would take a pass on that offer.

via Richard Spencer’s host at Texas A&M is the country’s “Strongest Skinhead” | The Texas Tribune


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