Md. Rep. Jamie Raskin minces no words in assailing incoming administration and we love him for that

Maryland’s newly elected U.S. representative Jamin “Jamie” Raskin has made some waves and the news for his recent incisive and witty comments about the anticipated Trump administration. In his remarks, the constitutional law professor (dear God, how we need more of those around right now) offers both a call to arms and a catharsis because we have rarely heard such fiery, candid rhetoric from Democratic leaders since the election. A sample, this about Trump policy architect and white nationalist Steve Bannon:

“We’re not letting any prepped-out Harvard Business School neo-Nazi strategize us into becoming Germany 1933,” he vowed, “and we will not let a cabinet of robber barons and white nationalists destroy everything the civilizing movements of the last century created.”

Raskin flips so many tropes in that single statement that it’s a joy to read and read again. He takes the “elite” epithet and throws it back, hard. He takes the co-opted populism of Trump and Friends and flips it to show their soft, rotten robber baron underbelly. And he doesn’t hesitate to use the correct term “white nationalists” while he does all of this.

Keep it up, Rep. Raskin. Give no quarter.

via Jamie Raskin Has a Fierce, Funny Message for Dispirited Democrats | New Republic

Image via Wikipedia; Creative Commons license; photo credit: Craig Robinson

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