New Mexico: Woman attacks another woman wearing hijab while grocery shopping

A woman attacked another shopper at a grocery store in Albuquerque, trying to pull off the victim’s hijab and screaming that her target was a terrorist. After other shoppers and store staff ejected the attacker from the store, she waited in the parking lot to attack her victim again. Employees formed a human shield around the victim and escorted her safely to her far. Barney Lopez, one of the witnesses, captured a picture of the incident in progress. Local news quotes him:

“I went down the aisle to go get sodas and then all of a sudden I hear somebody starting to yell at her,” he recalls, “And they’re saying things like ‘Get out of our country, you don’t belong here, you’re a terrorist!’”

Source: Picture captures person accosting woman wearing hijab at Smith’s | KRQE News 13

Image via Wikipedia

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